Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Host Guide

Halloween...the best excuse all year to throw a party.

Halloween parties are always the same though. Everyone dresses up in their scariest or most scandalous costume and stands around.
I know you've been there. 

So this year, something a little more original was in order.
Something like a murder mystery party set in Hollywood at the Red Carpet event of the year. 
The Academy Awards. 

The guest list included some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities, directors, and socialites. 

After a good three weeks of planning and decorating, we pulled off an evening to remember. Filled with scandal, blackmail, bribery, and MURDER, it was the perfect way to spend Halloween weekend.

What did you do to celebrate Halloween this weekend?

Much Love,


Tyler said...

That sounds like so much fun :) What a great idea :) Those cupcakes are beautiful!

B said...

looks like so much fun!! :) what a great idea :)

Rachel said...

What a cute idea! I love creative parties like this.

Life Unsweetened

Ragan said...

this is just so creative! i am impressed! Maybe i will copy this idea next year :)

Katie Did What said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this!!!! So were you all dressed as celebrities, or the characters in the Murder Mystery game?? If you're all celebs, I wanna know who's who!! :) You seriously all look AMAZING. I want to copy this idea! And p.s. I NEED your dress!!! You look so hot, Ariel! Where from??

Michaela said...

So fun! Wish I was there:) You did a great job!!

Jenna Secrist said...

this is perfection! i've got to throw a party like this one day. love it!

smith williams said...

It's a good post. In this post, you gave such a very cute ideas for the decorations of Seattle Halloween Parties.

K.May said...

Aww Love this!!! My friend throws a Murder Mystery party every year but I love this idea!! great job!!