Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, it's about time you made an appearance. I was beginning to think that you would never come. Dear water pipe that busted, you have caused my housemates and me much stress this week. Dear men who have been working to repair the pipe, YOU MOVE AT THE PACE OF A SNAIL! And I think you have actually created a bigger problem then we had when you started. And you left this big tractor in the middle of the street so no cars can get through. Dear American Horror Story, you are SOOO much scarier than last season. Thank you for giving me nightmares two nights in a row. I will not be watching you again. Dear Jef and Emily, obviously I feel the need to write you a letter. I knew you two wouldn't work out, but breaking off so soon?! Poor Ricky. Poor Jef. Poor Emily. Lucky Ariel. There's still a chance... Dear midterms, I hate you. Dear weekend, I am so looking forward to spending my time drinking tea, doing homework, and listening to the rain on my window.

Have such a wonderful weekend!

Much Love,

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Silver {A Silver Snapshot} said...

Such a sad thing about Emily & Jef. I really thought they'd make it. On a different note, I totally feel your pain about midterms.

Chelsea said...

Oh no! I hope he picks up the pace and fixes that water pipe soon!

I got the headband in the mail the other day. Thank you so much. I love it and the little note inside :)

Also, I have midterms next week! Eek! I'm not looking forward to it. Good Luck on yours! happy weekend :)

SarahJane Miller said...

hahah I love what you said about jef and emily. He is all yours! Go get him!

April said...

You are hysterical. I love how you said poor..and then go lucky ariel. Thanks for the smiles! :)

elise said...

new[est] follower! loved your letters! can't wait to keep following along!

ps. LOVE your header!

stop by sometime!

Miss Riss said...

Amen to the hatred of midterms!! Good luck with it! I'll be starting my midterm paper this!! Stopping by from the link up! Your blog is too cute! :)

Britta Marie said...

i really thought Jeff and Emily would work out ... oh well, go get him girl! and American Horror Story started out great this season! i cant wait to watch more..