Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Trends: Neutrals and New Finds

Dress: thrifted Sweater: Forever21 Necklace: H&M Shoes: Payless
I just found this dress at a thrift store by my house. It is quickly becoming one of my new favorite pieces! I'm not really a fan of the "short in the front, long in the back" look. But this dress is just short enough, that the tail in the back doesn't look so strange. 

Also, I've had that sweater since my sophomore year of high school...in case you were wondering. 
I'm NEVER getting rid of it.

Hope you're having a wonderful week! Tomorrow's hump day, hooray!

Yours Truly,


Kristin said...

How cute is this summer dress??? I love the pleats :-) - Isn't it so fun when you still have an article of clothing that you purchased years ago...and still love it every much as you did the day you got it? Those finds are worth every penny! Happy Tuesday Ariel!

Ariel Tyler said...

LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! That dress! That sweater! Those shoes! LOVE!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

you are absolutely adorable. I cannot believe you got this gorgeous dress at a thrift store. You look so chic!