Saturday, July 28, 2012

Looking for {Hope}

My life is full of a lot of joy and many, many blessings. But I still encounter doubt and hardship on the daily. I don't particularly like being anxious, upset, or scared. Who really does, ya know? So, to counter act the doubts and uncertainty in my life, I'm trying something new. I'm training myself to look for symbols of hope throughout my day, every day.

Today, I'm finding hope in...

The sunny, blue sky that somehow makes me feel like today is going to be better day.

The love story that I had the privilege of being a part of last night at my lovely friend Elizabeth's wedding.

The excitement of knowing that when I go to bed tonight, I will get a brand new day in the morning. And it could be filled with anything!

It's amazing how the small things can make a world of difference.
So, where are you finding hope in your day today?

Yours Truly,

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Sarah Rogers said...

beautifully written Ariel! Thanks for the sweet comment && I agree with...we are now blog friends :) I can't wait to see God's plans for you ahead