Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some Reflections

As many of you know, I graduated college about a month ago. Up until this point, college has been my goal. To be honest, I've never really had big plans or dreams for after graduation. And now that it's over, my eyes have been opened to the many possibilities for my life and the direction that God could lead me. This past month has been a time of reflection and hope as I think about the future and all that it could entail. 

So, in the words of Phil Wickham, here is my prayer for this next season of my life.

Take these feet.
I know they stumble, but you use the weak.
You use the humble, so please use me. 
All I am is yours.

I give you all my life, I'm letting it go.
A living sacrifice, no longer my own.
I give you everything, to you I belong.
Every beat of my heart, the breath in my lungs.
All I am is yours. 

I completely believe that God has an incredible journey in store for me. 
One full of so much more than I could have ever dreamt up on my own. 

Much love,


Amanda Schroeder said...

11 days until you make one of the biggest decisions I am SO JEALOUS over! I loved this poem. Thank you for sharing it with me. I kind of feel the same way. I haven't graduated yet but when I do, i totally think I'll feel this way.

amanda @ we and serendipity

Jeneric Generation said...

Graduating is kind of a sober moment...that is your entire focus for the majority of your life and then just happens. And then what? I had a few months after college when I didn't know what in the world I was going to do. Then I got offered a good job in DC, and I packed my bags and moved! It was scary, exciting, and I have never regretted it. God has gone before you, so you know you can be ready for whatever is coming. Best of luck!

The Collegiate Vegan said...

Thanks for getting me all teary eyed at work Ariel. You're the best. Also, 11 day is such a short amount of time... I miss you. Come home.

Sarah said...

So excited for you & this new journey, Ariel! Soak in these last moments at home :)

Marsa said...

australia?? me tooo! :)
im going this summer with hubs as a graduation present to ourselves.

oh and congrats on graduating too :)

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Megan Hogue said...


Anonymous said...

love the countdown idea! Glad I stumbled upon your blog, have a great day!