Thursday, August 2, 2012

A New Summer Project

Sunshine makes me want to shop! Which is NOT GOOD. I am a college student, making around $10 an hour, attempting to save for the future...clearly I should not be making a hobby of shopping.

But I will never say no to a little thrift store shopping. Much more affordable and almost like a treasure hunt!

So today, a couple of my co-workers and I headed to some of our local thrift stores after work to see what we could find. And I just happened to find a brand new (not really, it was used), simple, functional desk that screamed "buy me, refinish me, and make me pretty". 

I have been in need of a desk for my new room and I think this will be the perfect one to give me a cute but functional work space!
And it was $14.99! That's a price I can afford :)
So, now I have a brand new summer project to work on. I have 2 weeks before I move into my new house so the pressure is on.

Any color suggestions?

Yours Truly,


Beth said...

I have no idea what your room looks like, or your interior style is, but if it was me, I would paint the whole thing white and buy some vintage door knobs to replace the handles on the draws!

Victoria Lynn said...

Awesome price! If it were me, I would choose a tiffany blue and do a neat chevron pattern on the top.

Jenna Secrist said... mind is going crazy picturing this in so many colors. White would be classic and go with anything, but then part of me screams mint green or coral! eek!

great find. xx

Janneke said...

What a great find and so cheap! A nice blue or mint would be awesome, but a classy, crisp white would also be super cute with some colorful office supplies on top :)

Kristen said...

Very cute! I was thinking blue for the color too!

Lacey - Household Habits said...

I love white furniture but depending on what the room looks like a pop of color would be really cool too!!

Christianna said...

LOVE that desk! Great deal :)